Finding An At-Home Medical Coding Job

Chapter 5

Millions of people dream about working from home. A select few actually enjoy the privilege of working from their homes. More and more healthcare facilities are beginning to see the many advantages to having their medical coders work from home. Finding an at-home medical coding position might not be easy, but it is possible with the right knowledge and a little persistence.

Medical coders who work from home generally access their employers' computer system from their home computer. In this way, they gain access to patients' records and cases that need coding.

The employer can tell when the employee is logged in and working. Anytime the medical coder takes a break, she will log out and log back in again when she returns. It's essential that all medical coders, who work from home, adhere to HIPAA standards.

- Gain experience. Employers may be wary of allowing new medical coders to work from home. It's understandable, so be prepared and willing to work onsite to begin.

When you are called for interviews, ask employers if they allow their coders to work from home. If they don't, ask if they would consider it and under what circumstances.

- Contact employment agencies. Many employment agencies help find work for medical coders - contact local healthcare employment agencies in your area to find out if they ever staff at-home medical coding positions.

- Talk with your former instructors and career counselor. Every school - whether it's a community college or a four-year university - has a career counselor. Many schools also assist their graduates in finding employment. Talk with your career counselor, and find out if she has any advice for finding an at-home medical coding position.

- You'll also want to talk with your former instructors, who are experienced medical coders themselves. Your instructors will undoubtedly have numerous contacts in the field and may be able to help you or give you advice for finding an at-home position.

- Read the medical coding message boards. Networking with other medical coders may help you with job leads. Talk with medical coders who work from home, and find out how they secured their positions. They may be able to give you advice to finding your own at-home job.

- Start your own medical coding business. The only surefire way to secure an at-home medical coding job is to begin your own medical coding business which we'll discuss in the next chapter.