100 Articles About Starting a Career in Medical Coding

The medical coding business is booming and companies are demanding new graduates to fill their positions. It is always important for anyone starting a new career to take the proper steps and get the absolute best training possible as it is the key to success. Finding a job can take weeks and even months, but if one is properly advised and stays motivated then landing employment can happen quite quickly. Life is full of challenges and the following blogs will help transition new graduates into the field of medical coding with ease. Look through them, take notes and enjoy the new career ahead.

Medical Coding and Billing Careers

If you are looking to gather information for your new career then the information below includes something for the medical coder, billers and transcriptionist; including information for certifications and future training specific to your field.

  1. Medical Coding Online: Top 10 Reasons to Start Your Medical Billing Coding Career
    This site lists reasons that make being a medical billing coder a great career. Anyone can become a coder, and we have the answers to your questions.
  2. Why Learn Medical Transcription?
    Wondering why becoming a Medical transcriptionist would be a good career move? Quick reasons are working from home, setting your own hours and great pay.
  3. Medical Coding Blog
    This blog offers news and tips surrounding the medical coding field. Trade events, HIPAA, and industry chat. This is the perfect place for new coders.
  4. Medical Career Blog List- The Top 50
    This is an exceptional list of medical blogs for anyone in the medical profession. The list features blogs from all the major medical fields, including medical coding and billing.
  5. Health Career News
    Find out what it takes to get a job in the medical field. Resume writing help is a featured topic along with job listings and career tips.
  6. Medical Coding Journal
    Here industry news, audits, law issues and outsourcing. Plus a wide range of helpful information for all medical coders. This journal is a must visit.
  7. Optometrist Options for Billing and Coding
    This site provides information about medical coders who work for Optometrist. There is a major business opportunity here for those interested in coding for Optometrist.
  8. Career Help for Baby Boomers.
    Here are tips for baby boomers those that are 50+ entering new careers. This site also has guides for finding jobs and getting the proper training for the career chosen.
  9. Planning a Career in a Challenging Economy
    The economy has caused a major slow in the work sector. This blog discusses ways to create a cash flow in the event a job isn't found immediately.
  10. Career Advice
    This is a helpful blog with free advice for new careers. It also includes, marketing information for businesses and negotiation techniques.

    Get tips here for starting a medical coding and billing business. Find information about business plans, finance and being a medical coder business owner.

  12. How to Start a Medical Coding Business
    Start a medical transcription business with these tips. This blog offers tips for being a medical coder for moms, who choose to work from home.
  13. Medical Coding and Billing Business
    How to get started the right way in a new career as a medical coder. This site provides information about what to expect as a coder.
  14. Starting a Medical Billing Business
    Nice business plan outline for the steps to start out right. Tips include start up cost, scams and zoning. The site provides advice to keep new business goers from making big mistakes.
  15. Can a single parent really run a home business?
    Tackling the harsh reality of being a single parent and working at home. It is possible and this blog explains how to do it. No nanny needed.
  16. Where Can I Get a Job as a Medical Coder?
    Nice article that explains where to look for the perfect coding job. It also provides tips for those wishing to start their own business.
  17. Are Home Medical Billing Opportunities Viable?
    This blog shows how anyone can make it big with their home business. Medical billing is booming and if the right steps are taken anyone will succeed.
  18. How to Start a Medical Billing & Coding Business from your Home
    Step by step guide for building a successful medical coding business. Become an outsourcer, learn how to get clients and keep them.
  19. Grants for Women in Small Business
    This site featuring ways to acquire grants for starting or building a small business. From government to grants from corporations this is a place to find free money.
  20. Business Grants
    Blog provides unique ways to apply and receive grants for small businesses. Grants are available for all types of businesses. The grants are available at different times, the application provides needed info.
  21. Creating a Business Plan
    Turn that degree into a business with a strong business plan. This blog offers details on creating the perfect business plan, including effective ways of creating capital.
  22. WAHM – Work at Home Moms & Dads

    In this section there is information about working at home. Learn how to find jobs working online doing medical coding and billing. There is also help on how to balance the kids at the same time. Excellent tips for non-parents as well.

  23. Work at Home Medical Coding
    What it takes to be a medical coder working from home. There are also numerous articles on salary and career advice. Planning tips for getting the job done.
  24. Is it Possible to Work at Home Doing Medical Coding?
    It isn't possible to become a medical coder without the proper training.
    Some companies require 2-3 years of experience before hiring to work at home.
  25. Work from Home Medical Coding Jobs
    This site goes over how to watch out of scams and provides some good links. And tips to avoid getting out of jobs that are scams and where to report fishy emails, jobs etc.
  26. Work at home with your own business
    Start your very own business as a medical coder, easily. This blog provides marketing ideas and the type of software to use for all fields of medical coding. Great tips here for newbies.
  27. The Work at Home Blog
    TheWahmblog.com presents resources for those wishing to work from home. The blog includes job listings, trends and the latest in work at home marketing.
  28. Work at Home Moms
    Great spot to find work at home positions in the medical coding field. New jobs are posted daily, including tips for working at home and earn a good living doing it.
  29. Work at Home Coding Jobs
    This blog list jobs currently available for national companies. Find employment for medical coding, transcription and others. This is a bookmarker, as it updates daily.
  30. Resources for Work at Home Moms
    This site list loads of information pertaining to moms who work from home. Dads can also benefit from this site. There is even a job bank.
  31. Work at Home Mafia
    This site offers company listings for work at home jobs. And how to avoid work at home scams and keep up to date with work at home news.
  32. Find Work at Home Jobs
    Find work at home jobs all updated daily. Forums and reviews are available to help in job searches and employment. Talk to other work at home people in the forums.
  33. Balancing Life, School and Stress

    College life brings stress and everyone can benefit from a bit of advice. In this section read about handling school, work and bills while still maintaining good grades.

  34. Balancing single parenting and college
    Being a single parent, especially for dads isn't easy. This article gives dads tips to balance school and parenting without losing it.
  35. Effectively Dealing with Life and Stress.
    Guide to staying healthy during your college days. Stress is the number one cause of myriad diseases. Follow these tips for a less stressful life.
  36. Yoga Poses to Relieve Stress
    Blog gives instruction on how to do 3 yoga poses to relieve stress, in only 20 minutes a day. Also includes photos of each pose for correctness.
  37. 25 Ways to Relieve Stress
    Improve overall health with the reduction of stress. This blog gives readers 25 ways to relieve stress and relax. Everyone can benefit from these tips
  38. Brain Games to Improve Memory and Concentration.
    Informative blog about games to play that will improve one’s memory and concentration. All college students can benefit from memory improvement.
  39. Find a Job Stress Free
    Top 10 ways to find that perfect job without all the stress. Effective productivity tips for gaining employment quickly and easily. These tips are very effective.
  40. How to Find a Job in a Recession
    Excellent guided tips for gaining employment without any experience during the recession. Create your own internship, be willing to move anywhere and do project work.
  41. Advice for New Graduates
    Common sense tips from graduates of years past. The blog includes the realization of life, stress and the best way to deal with it. The entire blog has some great reading that can help all.

    Now that college is over it is time to look ahead to the future. These sites will set students on the correct path for success. It even handles after school relationships and work.

  43. Advice for Students: Start Planning Now for Life After College
    Lifehack.org offers excellent help for what to do after completing school. It also discusses how to find a job utilizing networking.
  44. Top 10 Tips for College Students
    This blog takes the most asked questions and helps students get the best out of their school experience. One of the best is "Learning the material the first time", a very helpful tip for anyone.
  45. New Grad Life
    Thenewgradlife.com contributes new graduates with life events. Some of the many topics include financial advice, job board, resume tips and your health.
  46. 2010 Graduate Guide
    Taking life by its horns, a superb blog that contains a mountain of resources. Focus is on finances, purchasing a home, taxes and retirement planning.
  47. The New Grad Handbook
    This blog tackles all the major issues facing new graduates. Plus it features a large archive of advice and career guidance articles. The one handbook new grads must have.
  48. What Happens After College?
    Intellectual blog regarding what happens to your life after college. Special sections are also included for career tips, resume writing, relationships and support. The perfect guide for the post college blues.
  49. Find a Job After College the Right Way.
    This blog provides a list of things not to due during a job search. And interesting tips for how to go about getting the right job after college.
  50. Securing Employment after College
    Blog offers advice on gaining employment after finishing college. Tips include info on finding employment prior to graduating.
  51. Changes to Make After College
    Informative blog offering 7 mindset changes that one should make after college. Focus on the ultimate goal and do what it takes to succeed.
  52. Study Tips and Finance Resources

    Everyone can put some good study tips to use. This section provides students with ways to retain information and make studying more fun. Personal finances are also discussed, including how to save loads of cash.

  53. Use Your iPod as a Study Tool
    Most don't know that the Ipod can be used for more than just music. This blog, explains how it can help any student study with ease.
  54. Time Management for Students in College.
    It's hard enough for students to remember their schedules, but keeping them in order is another story. This site provides some great tips via video for managing your time to the fullest.
  55. Be Responsible Go Back Home After College
    This blog stresses that going back home once college is finished is a great idea. Catch up on your finances; find a job without the stress of where your rent is coming from and more.
  56. Student Discounts - Show Your ID Card
    This blog offers an abundance of nifty tips and savings tricks for college students. Many stores accept student IDs in exchange for discounts on just about anything.
  57. Savings Guide for College Students
    Useful blog for helping students save money while in college. The site also offers daily coupons for instant savings for everything from computers to food.
  58. Career & Personal Finance Advice for College Grads
    Here motivational advice is given for balancing student loans and a career. Saving money for a new business start up and for the future; stay money smart.
  59. Graduate School for Unemployed College Students
    Seth Godin discusses why some may choose to re-enter school when work cannot be found. Seth also suggests working part time doing something, while in school to balance the wallet.
  60. Industry News for Medical Coding

    This section brings industry news for the medical coding field. Find out what is new and happening in the latest software, codes and insurance rules.

  61. The Medical Coding Blog
    This site features news, trends and updates surrounding the medical coding industry. This blog is also a place to stay abreast of the current software and law issues; easily.
  62. Medical Billing Guides
    This blog features a large array of medical coding topics. What training is needed and the typical salaries. Software for coders is also discussed.
  63. The Fundamentals of Medical Claims Billing
    This article explains the process of medical billing. Coders will learn what it takes to earn a higher salary and maintain employment.
  64. Medical Billing Minute
    This is a blog focusing on business information for medical coders, billers and physicians. Get up to date information about law changes and coding issues.
  65. Medical Billing and Coding Resources
    Learn the benefits of having a career as a medical coder. This blog also provides information about the different certifications available.
  66. Medical Coders Should be Well Versed in HIPAA
    This blog discusses why all coders should be well versed on the rules and laws of HIPAA. Guidance and links to the HIPAA site for further training is provided.
  67. Solving Your 9 Biggest Billing Blunders
    Learn how to make sure that the proper codes are entered. The blog gives coders tips of how to avoid common coding errors.
  68. Medical Coding Scams
    Information to keep would be coders from potential scams online. The blog offers information on how to handle being scammed and how to report it.
  69. The Health Care Blog
    Stay up to date on the newest happenings in the health care field. Blog is full of quality information for any medical professional.
  70. Healthcare Collaboration Blog
    This blog emphasizes on providing high quality information for new and seasoned health care professionals. Also includes, general news on industry changes and products.
  71. Job Search Tool Kit
    Here job seekers can find jobs in the state of Connecticut. The blog promotes listings of sites offering jobs within government and private sectors.

    This section provides information about using social networking sites to benefit potential employees and new businesses. It also includes ways to boost your presence in the employment field.

  73. Networking Your Way to the World.
    This blog provides an array of topics regarding the social networking world as a business tool. Rosil discusses the importance of using these sites for free marketing.
  74. Using Social Networking for Business
    This blog features information about using the largely popular social networking outlets for business. The blogger discusses how Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace and Twitter can boost a business virtually overnight.
  75. 5 Tips for New Grads - How to Use Social Media to Start Your Career.
    Marketing is the best way to begin a new career. Getting the word out to others about a new business is crucial and social networking is the way to go.
  76. How to Get the Best Jobs after College
    Marketing and reaching out via networking are some of the tips on this blog. Advice is best for those looking for positions in a new career.

    In this section there is loads of information about how to find a job. Learn how to make yourself known by others and stay afloat of the lasted job trends. It can be a tedious task, but these tips and tricks will make it easier.

  78. Getting Employment as a Medical Billing and Coding Expert
    This site has tips for locating and landing a job in the coding field. Suggestions include, working as a helper to gain experience. Internships are available for coders too.
  79. Entry Level Jobs for College Grads
    The employmentblawg.org is beneficial for finding a job fast after school. Temporary options are discuss for those unable to get the job they seek. Contains links to major job banks and career fairs.
  80. Telecommute Jobs
    Located telecommuting jobs on this blog. Jobs are updated daily, medical coding positions are plentiful. This blog is a bookmarker, return regularly for updates.
  81. Medical Jobs
    This is a unique site for locating jobs in the medical field. It also features a blog full of articles for medical workers. Plus a salary comparison chart.
  82. Jobs for College Students
    This blogs offers a list of sites where college students are likely to find work. There are also tips and tricks for making sure job searches go well.

    A perfect resume is the best way to getting the best job. Understanding how to create one and how to make it stand out from the rest takes practice. These sites will guide students along in the resume workshop.

  84. Hiring Companies Advice on Resume Writing
    This blog has some very interesting advice about resume writing. Get the insiders view of what makes a resume stand out.
  85. The Resume Help Blog
    Start making awesome resumes in minutes. Tips are also given for proper formatting as well as cover letters and samples. This site is a resume powerhouse.
  86. Medical Billing Resume Sample
    Clear and concise resume sample. Simple layout with pertinent information, use this as a guide for building a resume. This site will help anyone with their resume.
  87. Build the Perfect Resume
    Blog offers advice and samples of resumes. Catering to new graduates, this blog also includes information about building an appropriate cover letter.
  88. How to Get a Job after College
    Step by step tips for doing everything possible to get a job after college. It also includes help for resume writing, investing in the right clothing and more.

    Motivation is the key to self promotion. Keeping life fun and happy will make all the difference. These sites offer guidance to coach those with difficulty and teach life skills with a bit of humor thrown in.

  90. Motivational Blog for Boosting ones Confidence
    Coaching and leadership are key tools here. This blog uses witty humor to give student just the right amount of motivation students need.
  91. Coding a Morning
    The Distractable.org is a humorous site of a medical physician. Story topics include medical coding, everyday life and how to remain funny even during rough times.
  92. Personal Mission Statements
    This is a guide to creating and using a personal mission statement as a motivational tool. Samples and ideas are provided to get started.
  93. Reasons Why Doing What You Love Optimizes Your Life.
    The life Optimizer blog sheds light on the reasons doing things one love will enhance their life. It also talks about what can happen if these ideas are not followed.
  94. Schaefersblog
    Schaefersblog is full of witty humor for working professionals. Schaefer's Blog helps keep life simple and easy; a place to vent about it all.
  95. The Positivity Blog
    The Positivity Blog has tips on keeping life positive, avoiding stress by staying relaxed and fulfilled. Also provides tips on products for wellness.
  96. Ramen Noodles Rent and Resumes
    This is the ultimate guide to life after college and how to handle stress. Get real life issues and suggestions to cope and be extraordinary.  A witty and humorous blog.
  97. Inspirational Blog
    This blog offers video and images of the success of others. Witty, humorous fun to keep one’s mind on the ball; anyone can succeed at something.
  98. How to Stay Motivated During a Daunting Job Search
    Blogger Kenrick Chatman offers motivational techniques to keep one on their toes. The strength comes from confidence and one’s ability to hold on to it.
  99. 5 Ways to Stay Motivated
    For those that need an extra boost to finish what one had started. These 5 easy tips will keep anyone seriously motivated. The blog suggests writing them down.
  100. The Student & Studies

    Students need guidance during school. These sites provide students with ways to earn money handle relationships and deal with living on campus. They are essential to any college student and worth bookmarking.

  101. Student Guide for College Students
    This blog is a highly resourceful place for all college students. The site was created by college students so the information stays on track with college life. Part-Time Job list is also featured.
  102. The College Dump
    A blog created specifically for college students. Some great tips included how to save money buying text books, getting a scholarship and more.
  103. How to Find a Good Job While Attending College
    This site is full of great tips for college students. This article provides students with ways to get the job that they need while still in school.
  104. 5 Things Every College Grad Should Know.
    Editor Brian Kim discusses 5 pertinent things that all college grads should know. Tip #1 is "a college degree doesn't entitle you to a job."
  105. College Relationships: Roommate tips for dorm life
    This blog discusses how to handle living in a dorm with strangers. Get the tips, tools and guidance to happy dorm life.
  106. Everyday Advice for the College Student

    This section helps students with everyday life on campus. Including; things to watch out for, how to get out of school on top and more.

  107. Tips Every College Girl Should Know
    With college comes guys and with guys comes issues. This blog gives college girls tips to handling campus relationships. Personal advice is always available.
  108. Advice for College Students Current and Past
    Helpful blog packed full of content that is focused only on college students and alumni. Advice for just about anything related to school and life.
  109. Dear Grads: Be On the Lookout for Advice
    This blog takes a quick look at 6 mistakes that new graduates can make on their first job. Good advice is hard to find and this site proves to be a keeper.
  110. The New Graduate Advantage
    Youth & Energy is what most new graduates leave school with and this blog guides students into life. Using the community for networking and marketing plus having a flexible schedule gives new grads a boost.
  111. What to do if work cannot be found?
    How to handle finding work if the degree earned doesn't match what's available in the market. Seek out other avenues and volunteer. Stay positive and work will finally arrive.
  112. Get the Scoop Inside College.
    This blog is created by Jaye Fenderson, a college student who is dedicated to helping fellow students. This site provides tips of how to save, pass exams and general life as a student.
A new career can be haunting and it is best to be prepared for anything that may happen. As it is, often people arrive in a place without anyone to follow. Take the time to bookmark some of the blogs and refer to them, when help is needed. Keep up with the latest news that surround the medical coding field and learn from others.
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