Medical Coding Guide: Medical Antiques: From the Strange to the Horrifying

Dental Antiques

Dentistry is the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of any disease associated with oral cavities, teeth and the associated structures. The first tooth extraction that was successfully performed in an effort to be completed in a painless manner was completed by Dr. William Morton in 1846 on a man with a toothache. The mode of anesthesia that was used is ether and was a complete success – the patient did not feel any pain during the procedure; this was the beginning of general anesthesia.

Collect Medical Antiques: Dental Antiques: Information on the materials and uses for antique dental instruments.

Antique Scientifica: Pelicans, Toothkeys and Forceps: Facts and pictures on the antique dental instruments once used.

Phisick: Dental Antiques: Antique dental instruments including tongue scrapers, dental files and mouth gags.

Redeco: Antique Dental: Resource to purchase antique dental items.

Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity: Article about the antique dental museum at Hebrew University.

Ancient Dental Tools | Kake Pugh: Flickr


An apothecary is a term that is defined as a person who prepares and sells medicine and drugs. This term is generally not used in modern times, but was a popular term that was used in medieval Europe.

Online Encyclopedia: Apothecary: Encyclopedia entry about apothecary and the definition.

History: Apothecary: Information on the history of apothecary and additional facts.

Merriam-Webster: Apothecary: Definition of apothecary provided by Merriam-Webster dictionary.

The Apothecary System: Information on the apothecary system and the history of its travels.

Worshipful Society of Apothecaries: London based historical group. 

Trocadero: Apothecary collections for sale. 

The Apothcary Shoppe: From Collect Medical Antiques. 

Stone Gate Antiques: Rare bottles and sets.

Antique Medical Bottles | Las: Flickr


A lancet is a small knife with double edges that was used to prick the skin. It is used to cut away abscesses or tumors, to make incisions during surgery or to draw blood. The general purpose behind drawing blood is primarily for diabetes or any type of blood testing.

What is a Lancet Used For?: Information on the lancet and what it is used for.

Early Practices; Bloodlestting: A look into Phlebotomy.

Phlebotomy: The ancient art of Bloodletting (Illustrated).

Dictionary: Lancet: Dictionary definition of lancet.

BBC News: How the Lancet Made Medical History: News article on how the lancet made medical history as written by BBC News.

Science and Medicine Antuques: Authentic antique Fleams and Lancets for sale.

Lancets and other Antiques | Sarah G: Flickr

Eye Antiques

Eye antiques are items that were used in history as eye glasses, spectacles and any other object used to observe and practice optometry.

Teagle Optometry: History of Eye Glasses: Information on the history of eye glasses.

Eye Antiques and Collectibles: Information on all antique eye objects including spectacles, surgery and viewing instruments.

Medical Antiques: Collecting Antique Spectacles: How to begin to collect antique spectacles and the information behind them.

Eyeglasses Warehouse: Resource on where to find and purchase antique eyewear.

Antique Spectacles: The history of antique eye items and how to find them.

Antique Eye Instruments | Gennie Safford: Flickr


Oddities are strange and odd devices that were used for medical purposes or representative of the history of medicine.

Roche Clan: Resource for antique oddities.

Sturgis Antiques and Collectibles: Medical oddities collection.

Discovery Channel: Obscura Antiques and Oddities: Information about the owners of Obscura, Antiques and Oddities and their backgrounds in oddities.

Oddities Antiques: Information on the different types of medical oddities.

Trend Hunter: The Mutter Museum information on showcasing medical oddities.

Connect In: Medical Oddities: Pictures of medical oddities.

Natural Library of Medicine: Varieties of medical ephemera.

Apothecary Collectibles: Shop for collecting medical oddities.

Historical Instrument Collection: Resource for museum directory including miscellaneous and oddities.

Images: Surgery history in art.

Antique Medical Sketch | Ingred Chamberlin: Flickr

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